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Flagstaff Face
Flagstaff Face
Terrain Face and Gullies
Location 40.5984° / -111.6412°
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Flagstaff Face is the run on the south side of Flagstaff Mountain (False Flagstaff, actually). It includes all of the terrain between the Flagstaff Shoulder and Binx's Folly. Flagstaff Face is an obvious choice as a home run after skiing Days Fork from Little Cottonwood Canyon. It is also an great choice when you're short on time.

The upper part of Flagstaff Face is, well, a face. However, the lower portion is complicated terrain with numerous terrain-trap gullies. In fact, on December 26, 1996, a male snowboarder died in an avalanche on Flagstaff Face. He was found in a narrow gully, buried under two feet of snow, by Bruce Temper, who was the director of the Utah Avalanche Center.

Getting to Flagstaff Face

Follow the directions to False Flagstaff from the Central Alta trailhead.