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Patsey Trees
Patsey Trees
Drainage Grizzly Gulch
Terrain Trees
Ascent Vertical 1,500'
Skinning Distance 1.5 miles
Location 40.5929° / -111.6100°
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The name isn't well known, but the Patsey Trees are a good place to ski when the avalanche hazard is higher. It offers low-angle terrain that is mostly in the low 20-degree range.

Getting to Patsey Trees

Follow the route to Twin Lakes Pass from the Grizzly Gulch trailhead and then turn right at the pass and head toward the Patsey Marley summit. As you are ascending the often corniced ridge, and before you reach the open area above the trees, pick a line and ski into the trees on your right.

After skiing the Patsey Trees you will be back on the snowcat road.